Sustainable Cities.
Livable communities.

The Center for Sustainable Communities offers a wide range of activities to support the municipalities' sustainable transition.
Let's work together for the sustainable transition of our cities and towns.
Strategic planning
We help municipalities implement competitive urban concepts and sustainability projects, creating financial opportunities for future investments.
Successful implementation
The main task of implementation is to manage and coordinate project activities based on the plans prepared and approved, in order for the project to achieve its goal.
Targeted resources
We provide assistance in mapping domestic and international resource acquisition opportunities in order to facilitate the process of sustainable transition for Hungarian municipalities.
Settlement Solutions
Sustainability starts at the local level.

“As a portfolio member, we consider the issue of urban sustainability important and timely and support the initiatives of the Center for Sustainable Communities in this regard. Their expertise ensures that municipal leaders receive the best solutions to address sustainability issues in many areas, such as making public buildings more energy efficient.”

— Krisztina Tálosi, Elektro Kamleithner

“As a company manager, I see that it is not enough to produce a high quality product, it is very important that our developments reach our target audience. It is therefore a great pleasure to be able to work with a highly competent organization in the field of sustainability.”

— Máté Gallai, Cuba

“As a member of such a distinguished community, we are delighted to be able to represent the cause of inclusion and accessibility and to support municipalities in creating a more livable and accessible everyday life for all.”

— Balázs Berecz, Access4you

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